Steel Sector

With over 55 years of experience in the implementation of integrated steel plants, HSCL is a pioneer in carrying out various specialized jobs in the Steel Plants Sector.

The specialized works in steel plants still account for nearly 30% of the total revenue from operations for the company. Execution of labour intensive operation such as AMR contracts and other perennial jobs in steel plants adds to the bottom line of the Company at a higher rates as compared to the other sectors of business on account of value addition by way of departmental augmentation like construction equipment and other project inputs.

In the present situation, when the prospect of securing high value project jobs in Steel Sector based on credentials of recent years is gradually becoming brighter and with the addition in capacity, the AMR and regular operation and maintenance jobs of the Steel Plant will increase proportionately. The Company expects to increase its turnover in these perennial jobs considerably.

Even, subsequent to take over by NBCC (India) Limited under Ministry of Urban Development, increase in steel sector business of the Company is desirable.

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