HR Vision
Human Resource plays a vital and strategic role and has contributed its best to bring the company to its present heights. The HR practices were in line with the Organization and emphasis on HR Vision of building a team of competent, committed and dedicated professionals for providing quality services to the clients and make valuable contribution in the infrastructure development of the country.
The success of HSCL depends on the high level of skills and professionalism of employees. The company appreciates the role of its human capital in propelling the company to new heights.
HSCL has an enduring focus to maintain its existing standard of experienced competent professionals specially recognized for technical and leadership aspects. It is also aiming recognized for technical and leadership aspects. It is also aiming towards constant research and developing a further enriched system leading to upgraded co-ordination, communication, and a world-class multitasking as well as the cross-functional environment. Hence, the three golden rules to carve our vision are:-
  1. building a flexible and adaptable working atmosphere to derive the best from the human resources tool to reach the organizational goal.
  2. Enhancing capabilities utilizing available resources with effective cost control.
  3. Achieving optimum level of functional productivity both at the top and bottom line.
HR Mission
HSCL is committed to achieving a benchmark position in establishing a long-term relationship with its clients with a special focus on attaining the highest possible rate of customer satisfaction based on integrity, performance, quality and time. HSCL is always ready to play as the out of the box thinker in formulating new strategies to best suit its highly skilled manpower in the process of increasing productivity and cost effectiveness matching with the diversifies and challenging needs of the client including internal requirements.
  1. Introducing and incorporating well-thought methods and technicalities to synchronize and streamline the workflow towards reaching operational excellence.
  2. stablishing a structured as well as a unique work environment that prioritise quality and creativity.
  3. Chalking out proper talent management system by creating a situation of inducting, utilizing and retaining competent individuals catalyzing real growth of the organization by following a well-articulated system of compensation, benefits, rewards and recognition.
  4. Developing an effective management in the field of identifying and resolving loopholes and revamping and re-organizing functional procedure to achieve the organizational parameter of productivity and profitability.
The company recognizes contribution of its human Resource in providing it the competitive advantage. The company has achieved its present level through investment in its human resource, where skill and knowledge constitute the basis of every initiative, be it technology or innovation.
Developing skills and capabilities of employees to improve utilization and labour productivity is the key thrust area of human resource management in the company. Keeping in view the present innovative & challenging market, this division has arranged need based in-house training programs/ Technical Workshops to make our officials/employees aware of the latest trends/technique and changes taking place in their respective fields and to enhance their knowledge so that they work with more potential and zeal to achieve the organizational goal.
Discipline-wise details of officials/employees imparted training during 2018-19 are as under:
S. No.Name of the ProgramNos. of ParticipantsLevel of officers nominated
1Management Effectiveness05All Level
2Technical Seminar on Green Building15All Level
During the FY 2018-19, the company faced some major challenges in respect of certain issues pertaining to the contractual employees. This uneasy situation led to disruption of normal work and adversely affected the performance of the company as many projects got delayed.
The management of the company, however consistently engaged itself with the contractual employees to amicably resolve all these issues which were hindering the performance of the company. Resultantly, the company could successfully overcome the challenges & the issues were mutually resolved to everyone satisfaction at the close of the year.
In this regard effective settlements were arrived at, with the intervention of the Central Government Labour Authorities.
It is now quite satisfaction for the management that the company has been presently maintaining a healthy, cordial and harmonious industry relations at all levels. It endeavours to provide comprehensive welfare facilities to its employees and take care of their health, efficiency and economic progress. It encourages and enables its employees to put in their best efforts to ensure a healthy work environment and improve performance of the organization.
The company has constituted an internal committee in line with the requirement of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition 7 Redressal) Act, 2013. The committeehas been set up to redress complaints received regarding sexual harassment. The committee functions in accordance with the model code of conduct developed by National Commission for women/Ministry of Women and Child Development. The committee spread awareness amongst the employees regarding “Zero Tolerance” for sexual harassment at work place. The committee also investigates reported cases of sexual harassment. The company has 34 women employees in various cadres at the project and office premises. There were “NIL” cases filed during the financial year ended March 31, 2019.
At HSCL we believe in prioritizing safety and health of our people and incorporating this as a value. Safety is embedded across the organization and is an integral part of how we conduct our business. It is our continuous effort to make it a safe place. During recent past years, effective implementations of the safety measures had been undertaken to minimize the cases of accidents and it is aimed to achieve zero harm in forthcoming time.
The Safety Management Division tries to ensure the goal of achieving zero harm at work place by :
  • Bringing awareness about the Safety Policy of the Company to all RBGs/SBGs/Units/HODs-HO by issuing the circular and encourage them to implement the same.
  • Proactive approach in assessment and mitigation of risks related to safety and health at work sites by conducting the safety audits at regular intervals of the project sites and by scrutinizing the daily/monthly safety feedback reports of work sites.
  • Prevention of injuries and occupational illness by implementing best practices and by creating awareness and providing training to the workforce including associates, contractors, transport workers and suppliers through the empanelled safety agencies.
  • Strengthening of the safety standards in the organization by celebrating the National Safety Day/ Week campaign.
  • Empowering all employees and contractors to stop any unsafe work.
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