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Unclaimed List- Wages & DA arrear
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1 Wage & DA Arrears in regards to Ex-Employees opted for VRS
2 List of Ex-Employees Unclaimed for Wage & DA Arrears & opted for VRS

Regular employees on roll of the Company For outdoor treatment of employees and their dependants, including dependants not residing with the employees, shall be allowed annual reimbursement of medical expenses up to a ceiling of Rs.8,000 (Rupees eight thousand) or one month's Basic pay, whichever is less, subject to a minimum of Rs.4,000/- (Rupees four thousand). However, in case of Special diseases like Cancer and TB, where outdoor treatment is advised, unit/departmental heads may approve reimbursement beyond this limit, as a special case, for the employees working under their jurisdiction.
Actual expenditure on indoor treatment / hospitalization will be reimbursed provided the treatment is carried out in any (a) Government hospital (b) Govt. aided hospital (c) Trust hospitals established on No Profit No Loss basis, or in (d) selected hospitals which have already been approved by the Company for such purposed. However, diet charges will be reimbursed to eligible employees as per Civil Services (Medical Attendant) Rules.
Re-engaged employees and fresh Personnel engaged on contract Reimbursement of medical expenses for outdoor treatment. (a) Executives : Maximum of Rs.8000/- (Rupees eight thousand) per annum (b) Non-Executives: Maximum of Rs.4,000 (Rupees four thousand per annum
Re-engaged employees and fresh Personnel engaged on contract are covered under Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy of HSCL for Indoor Treatment
Forms and Policies
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1 Medical Form
2 Claim Form
3 Mediclaim Form
4 Application for Gratuity
5 PF Nomination Form
6 Terms and Conditions of Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy (2019-20)
7 Claim Procedure and check–list of documents to be submitted
8 Pan India Network Hospital List
9 Employees Pension Scheme,1995
10 Final Settlement
11 Nomination for Gratuity
12 Permamnent Withdrawal
13 Based on the recommendations of the committee duly approved by the Chairman–cum–Managing Director and Directors, Group General Managers, Chief General Managers, General Managers, Dy. General Managers and Assistant General Managers in the Technical Discipline will hereinafter exercise the amended / modified delegation of powers as contained in the annexures enclosed. This is in supercession to previous delegations issued vide No. HO/PER/RR/511/M–6355 dated:-27.08.1993.
14 Travelling Allowance Rules 2015
15 Conduct & Discipline rules document is available in HSCL website
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